The website has received the following Press Release which it is pleased to reproduce in full as it is the best way to put it’s purpose across.


At a lunchtime at Christmas in The Bell pub in Whitchurch Graham Burgess bumped into Roy Dykes and so typical of what happens in the English Pub all sorts of people gather and everyone is different and carries personal qualities.

Graham had worked with Roy when as Treasurer he helped set up the Millennium Meadow in 1999 but of more significant value is the campaign Roy is leading with regard to a medal for those participating in the arctic convoys in world war two.

He asked Roy if he would like to receive a medal from those people in Whitchurch who simply want to give him a symbol of their recognition of what he did.

Roy’s positive response has led to the design of a medal and Stephen Bryer of The Whitchurch Silk Mill has agreed to provide a special local ribbon.

The financial costs are not great but opportunities for people to make a symbolic notional donation towards the medal and some sort of ceremony will be placed around the town.

For further details contact Graham Burgess on 01256 892837 or send an EMAIL

Further details will be posted here when known.

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