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Roy Dykes was given some traditional Russian pies and a letter from Galina Popova who lived through part of the WWII blockade of St.Petersburg.

WWII Veteran Roy Dykes, one of the campaigners for an Arctic Convoy medal and a former mayor of Whitchurch, has expressed his pleasure at finally seeing – after many years of campaigning – the Government agree to creating a medal.

In a video interview yesterday, Roy welcomed the news and says the Government must act quickly to present the medals as many of the veterans are quite old.

Roy urged veterans and family members of deceased veterans of the Arctic Convoys to contact the secretary of The Flower Class Corvette Association, of which he is president, to register their details. The information will be checked and passed to the Ministry of Defence, he said, to help try and ensure that anyone eligible for a medal gets one.

Roy said,

“They said they are going to have 6 months from January…that’s no joke when you got people of our age die fairly frequently.”

He urged people to “write to Mr. Cameron and say how disgraceful it is that it is going to take 6 months to decide something that was already in there for 16 years.”

In the video, he is joined by a visiting Russian grandmother Galina Popova who herself survived through part of the WWII blockade of St.Petersburg. She states that a memorial is planned for the Arctic Convoy veterans in St.Petersburg.

Sir George Young MP for North-West Hampshire told this website,

I am already on the case and have written to Ministers at the MOD, asking if the presentation might be at the earliest possible date, because of the age and health of many of the survivors. The MOD may well want to complement their own records with those of Eddie Grenfell and others; the MOD know many of the Merchant Seamen, as they were presented with the Arctic Emblem in 2006 – see link.

The video interview of Roy Dykes is on YouTube HERE. The campaign page for the Arctic Convoy medal is HERE. The contact details for the Flower Class Corvette Association is HERE. Information about the memorial in St.Petersburg is HERE. Our story earlier this week about the Government’s announcement of the medal is HERE.

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