It was well below freezing last night – nearer to -11C actually – and tonight is quite cold too, already below -7C according to WeatherSpark.

Timely, then, is the news that the television channel ‘Yesterday’ is to broadcast a show this coming week about the Arctic Convoys.

A former mayor of Whitchurch, Roy Dykes, is leading a campaign to have the Government fulfill its promise of creating a medal for the people who braved World War II in much colder conditions – and for a lot longer – than what we are going through now.

The ‘Arctic Convoys’ programme is to be shown on Thursday 16th February at 10.00pm on Yesterday (Sky 537; Virgin Media 203, Freeview 12).

The broadcast repeat schedule for the programme is HERE.
The Arctic Medal campaign can be found HERE. Read and sign the ePetition HERE.
Remember that you need to retune your digital TV during this month – see story on that HERE.

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