computer-problemsApologies about the Calendar/Diary function of this website.

Gremlins have got into the system and it presently is not working quite as it should.

However events can still be entered by registered contributors.

Hiccups happen
Currently the Calendar has a technical problem. The structure of the site is old and hiccups occur, although updates do take place when needed. Support for doing this often has to be obtained from outside helpers and has to be funded by the local registered charity, the Whitchurch Association.

Hopefully will be restored
The facility for listing events correctly will hopefully be restored soon – so fingers crossed on that one. Meanwhile more emphasis will be put on social media for the Diary content by sharing organisers postings.

Of course if there is any WordPress expert out there who would like to help and volunteer their support please get in touch. No payment, but definitely a friendly drink at the bar and a lot of thanks!

So apologies for now.
This site is wholly community-owned and run by volunteers in their own time, primarily John Buckley (who does the news content stuff and links across to social media) and Andrew Reeves-Hall (who mainly looks after overseeing the hosting, back ups and the WordPress updates).

Please bear with us, or better still volunteer to help if you can.
Meanwhile keep an eye on this site and on its Facebook page where it is hoped most events can still be promoted: