We didn’t think it possible, but for the second month in succession the town website has beaten its previous viewing figures.

September saw us reaching a smidgen over 14,000 visitors, and October has topped that with nearly 16,000 – and the site has only been going 18 months!

OK – we are blowing our own trumpet but this is worth celebrating and has been the result of a deliberate strategy to draw visitors to the site. The purpose? It’s simple – it is to encourage visitors to learn more about our wonderful town, its facilities, its events, organisations and businesses. It is to create a community resource that is not only useful but aims to help make Whitchurch a better place. The website team, and the town, are indebted to those who have supported the site by providing the all-important content and feedback.

The community site is also unique in the area as it officially belongs to all the residents in Whitchurch. As well as the volunteers who oversee the day-to-day running of the site, any local organisations, businesses or individuals can have direct access to add and edit news and events material.

To help with the site in any way, please contact the website team through contact@whitchurch.org.uk

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  • Mike Stead

    …and if you Google ‘Whitchurch, Hampshire’ it comes out on top. If Google thinks it’s the best, it must be 😉

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