Cocoa, missing from Bere Hill, has unusual face markings.

Perhaps the town website needs a missing pets page.

Three missing cats have been reported to the site in less than a week – Beany, Nelson and now Cocoa.

Cocoa, has been missing for nearly four weeks.

Eight year old Cocoa, who moved to the top of Bere Hill in June had never disappeared before, but has now taken an extended trip.

This is out of character as since a kitten she had only ever ventured from
back door to shed and would always be waiting on the drive for her owners to return from work.

Cocoa is spayed and chipped and has some unusual face marking.

Cats are well know for taking long trips away, but Cocoa never left any message and has not phoned home.

If you see her anywhere, please can you let her worried owners know.

Call: 07900 245573

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