A week ago we were reporting on the A-level results, and now it is the turn of GCSE students.
Young people throughout the town will be clutching envelopes and checking emails, discovering what their next step will be.
Most will have been to school at Testbourne, so will be wondering whether they will be continuing education at the same place as their friends. There will be hugs, cheers and possibly a few tears too.

The surrounding colleges are gearing up for the new intakes; students from Whitchurch usually go to BCoT or Queen Mary’s College in Basingstoke, Andover College, or Peter Symonds in Winchester, with a few off to Sparsholt and other places.
Some may be deciding to move directly into employment.

Whatever their future and wherever they go, we wish them all the best success in their chosen path.

UPDATE: Best ever GCSE results at Testbourne

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