It has been reported that anti-5G activists may be setting booby traps that could cause serious injury.

“It’s been brought to our attention today that ‘anti-5G’ protesters have been sticking posters on various street furniture including telephone infrastructure, electricity cabinets and lamp posts.
Some of these posters have blades or other ‘sharps’ placed behind them, in a deliberate attempt to injure anyone who attempts to remove them.

If any one  finds any anti-5G posters attached to footpath posts, stiles, HCC path signs etc etc they are being asked to alert the North Hampshire Access Team (via Hampshire County Council) and either leave them alone, or if they do remove them, to be extra vigilant.”

Anyone seeing any Anti-5G posters should treat them with extreme caution.

Mast 2The controversy in brief:
5G developers have estimated speeds of 100 times current internet speed and that this will enable wireless communication uses to be massively extended.
However, campaigners have been protesting against 5G holding demonstrations throughout the world.
Many, who claim to be ‘experts’, say the frequencies can be seriously damaging to health due to an increase in radiation. Other opponents take an altogether different line of protest, alleging that the involvement of backdoor surveillance could be incorporated due to the involvement of certain countries in the development.
Conspiracy theories also abound even including linking it to Coronavirus. It is more than contentious.