Volunteers, residents and officials start to gather on the Town Hall forecourt.

Can Whitchurch have ever had a such a good start to a year?
That’s the question being now asked!

Quite possibly, but this will run it close!

Hot on the heels of winning faster broadband for the Whitchurch area, it was announced today that the campaign has also won £5000 of computer equipment and software towards a community project.

Champagne flowed and applause rang out as the assembled crowd outside the Town Hall heard this wonderful news from Kimberley Broadbent from the Race organisers.

Champagne rained down on the excited crowd.

The campaign team will now be working with BT and a ‘media partner’ to determine a suitable project that will benefit the area. This is something that everyone can have input into, with suggestions being sought from all within the Whitchurch exchange locality.

This is very exciting for the area. The ideas could be for a specific group or a need, but above all they should be community-focussed and innovative, and make best use of this fantastic opportunity.

Kimberley announces the £5000 prize for a community project!

In addition anyone who would like to work on the project is also being encouraged to volunteer!

Please send all those ideas and offers of help to faster@whitchurch.org.uk