An outdoor gym in Basingstoke.

An outdoor gym in Basingstoke. Whitchurch could have a similar facility.

Would you like to see an outdoor adult gym in Whitchurch?

The Town Council was approached some time ago by a representative of a group of people wanting to see an outdoor adult gym in Whitchurch. The Council has debated the possible location, the cost of installation and on-going maintenance costs as an initial investigation as to whether this would be viable.

Having received basic quotes, the Town Council would now like some initial feedback from residents.

At present, the Council is considering adding this equipment to the Winchester Road Recreation Ground off Alliston Way, as this is one of the areas the Council owns and maintains.
If this is seen as something residents would like, we will then hold a consultation event to get specific views.

At this stage, it would be helpful for any views on the following:

• Would you like to see an outdoor adult gym in Whitchurch, do you think you would use it?

• If you would like an outdoor adult gym, what type of equipment would you like – Cardio? Strength? A mixture?

• Any views on the proposed location?

Please send any comments to the Council via the Clerk.
Town Hall, Newbury Street, Whitchurch, RG28 7DW