ARH20130620-1858-A55-073694 (resized)Many families joined in the fun on the primary school’s grounds last Thursday for the FOWPS Family Fun Evening 2013: to have fun at the games, play on the attractions and try their luck at the various raffles.

The town’s mayor, Cllr John Clark, wearing brand new mayoralty robes of office, and the mayoress were on hand to enjoy the fun and to talk with as many people as they could.

At several times through the evening, the PCSO ‘locked up’ children in his police van! They were soon ‘released’ — too soon for some parents?

Writing in the school’s newsletter on Friday, Sarah Peters, the headteacher of the primary school, stated:

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the school last night. It really was a lovely evening which everyone seemed to enjoy. As ever we are very grateful to all members of FOWPS and anyone who gave up their time to help.

She continued,

On behalf of the children and staff we cannot thank you enough for your generous support. The money is being spent almost as soon as it comes in so we can enrich the reading materials across the school for the children.

ARH20130620-1541-A55-073560 (resized)On display in the school during the fun evening were all the projects created by families as part of a recent home learning exercise – birdhouses, family trees, theme parks and even a mock-up of a waterslide for the Silk Mill!

Zoe Newton, the deputy headteacher, wrote in the school newsletter:

I am overwhelmed by the quality, creativity and sheer hard work that has gone into the Family Home Learning tasks. The projects will be on display around the school…until Thursday 11 July, when the children will be allowed to bring them home.

There is a possibility that several of the projects will be put on permanent display at the school.

The amount raised for the school will be announced shorty by FOWPS. Click on pictures to see a larger version.
UPDATE 2013-06-24 21h50: FOWPS raised just under £3000, a portion of which will go towards new books.

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