So many events and activities have had to be cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus lockdown creating a massive void in the town.


… the wonderful Whitchurch (Hants) Community Live Events team.

By use of social media they have reached out with a terrific initiative that has provided fun, entertainment and activities for so many, combatting the ills of boredom and loneliness at the same time. Administered by Amanda Winch, Marcus Winch and Mark Bishop, it has gained nearly 2000 members in just three weeks, being arguably the fastest growing ‘group’ in Whitchurch.
It really is Brilliant.

COMM LIVE 03Using the Facebook platform each week a wide ranging programme takes place.

From Quizes to Bhajis
There are the popular quizzes with Bish and Mands to test the brain cells – with a lot of fun and online message banter – that can attract over 30 teams. COMM LIVE 07There have been demonstrations which have included making Onion Vegan Bhajis with Ramps and a popular Cook-Along with Cookery Doodle Do, while Yoga exercises with Penny help maintain fitness.

COMM LIVE 05Musical tradition
Whitchurch has a strong music tradition and the ‘channel’ has seen live gigs including from Eddie George, Tomas Field  and Scottish Mike from the Moody Cow, as well as dedicated Music Quizes with Ross.

COMM LIVE 06Of course no ‘live’ event programme would be complete without a repeat – in this case the excellent Sigmund playing at the RedFest last year– for old times sake of course.

Church service
With the churches closed, Sunday has Worship with Rev Dave from All Hallows, a very well-put together feature, and provides time to reflect on today’s situation and our well-being.

COMM LIVE 04Rabbits to Bonnets
Children are not left out and there have been Quizes with Faye , while live visits to Furlock Holmes have the viewers enthralled by the animals being cared for. COMM LIVE 02
An Easter Bonnet Competition saw creativity come to the fore with numerous colourful entries, both traditional and amusing.

An Achievement
It has been an incredible achievement to put the above together in such a short time with the  programme continually being tweaked and adjusted as more local people offer help and offer activities.

A massive shout-out goes to all those who help put the programme together and provide the content.
To see the activities and programme visit:


And there is a special note for Bish, master of the Monday Quizzes:
Deoxyribonucleic is pronounced “Deoxyribonucleic” 😉