Sign about pavement driving
With the schools back and traffic levels increased in the surrounding areas, a sign appeared in Alliston Way to remind drivers that the footpaths are not for driving along.

Traffic cones ignored
Cones were also placed on the bend where Alliston Way meets McFauld Way. Despite this someone moved the cones to park on the junction. Highway Code Rule 243 says:
DO NOT stop or park opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction…”

Alliston Way Keep off pavement

Drivers are being asked to take great care in the area.
Most drivers are very careful and courteous but a few are not.

Child injured
In the summer a child was injured when in a collision with a vehicle. A meeting was arranged by Borough Cllr Chloe Ashfield and was attended by local residents and Town Councillors, at which the dangers were discussed.
The concerns have been passed to Hampshire County Council who are responsible for the highways.

HCC policy on safety
Latest news is that a scheme is currently on the drawing board by Hampshire County Council. However, regarding safety concerns, HCC have also said that “sites that have treatable patterns of casualty incidents are being prioritised” and as such, regarding Alliston Way, “on this basis, further study is unlikely…”.

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