Timetables smThe new timetables and routes that serve Whitchurch come into use tomorrow (Sunday 30th August).

Timetables have been printed, route maps produced and bus stop displays updated.

Check journeys before travelling as the services serving the town have been changed considerably. As well as timings having changed there are some new bus stops, some no longer served and new routes through the town added. You may even have to get on the bus on the opposite side of the road to previously.

Online timetables
To check timings and routes perhaps the best resource is the Traveline site TIP: use the ‘sw’ version as it provides more information choices.
Journey requirements can be entered, timetables viewed or downloaded and route maps seen.

New Travel Map
There is also a handy map which also gives other transport details and contact links which can be downloaded from here:

Stagecoach’s website can also be accessed here: