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A large crowd of people participated in the interactive show which was all about the chemicals found in air.

First, take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

What is in air?
That was the first question put to the large audience that had assembled last night in Testbourne Hall for the second public science event to be held at the school recently. Highlights of the show are in the video, below.

Two engineers and a scientist from Air Products demonstrated some surprising characteristics of the chemicals found in that stuff that is all around us.

The sharp minds of Whitchurch youth (and a some parents!) were quick to answer the question: oxygen, carbon dioxide, dust, water vapour, and nitrogen. Then everyone learned that there are many other chemicals, albeit in small quantities, for example helium and argon.


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Steve, Stuart and Guy demonstrate characteristics of air products.

Do you know:

  • Which chemical makes up most of the air around us? (hint: it isn’t oxygen!)
  • Is oxygen flammable?
  • What chemical is used to help dispense beer at local pubs?
  • Which two countries in the world produce the most helium?
  • Will helium still be around for future kids to have in their balloons?
  • How do you get all these chemicals out of air?

All these questions – and many more – were asked and answered at the show. There was even a demonstration of a super-conductor!

The whole evening went off with a bang. And another. And another. Followed by a very big bang from a canon at the end!

A video of highlights from the show is on YouTube HERE. Further science shows and lectures are planned due to the overwhelming interest the first two shows had from the community. Smart lot us Whitchurch folk.

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