Newbury Road, Whitchurch, will be closed for three months at the end of 2011 while the railway bridge is rebuilt.

Contractors appointed by Network Rail have applied for permission to close the road from 19th September to 23rd December.  The work is necessary to allow larger containers to be carried on goods trains on the line.

A recommended traffic diversion has been proposed but is not yet agreed.

Borough Councillor Keith Watts said…

“I shall recommend drivers of small vehicles heading north east to Kingsclere and beyond to use Watch Lane in Freefolk.  Larger vehicles need to be diverted on to the trunk road network.”

“I am sure that local people travelling north will use Bloswood Lane and the stretch of The Harroway with passing places, whatever the recommended route is.  Traffic management measures will be needed to minimise probems caused in these roads.