A panorama picture shows the A34 exit to Tufton's Nuns Walk (left), and to Whitchurch's Winchester Street under the A34 flyover (right).

A video has been made by a local resident that shows some of the ideas for improving the A34 interchange south of Whitchurch at Tufton.

Concern had been raised by another resident about the safety of people wanting to cross from Winchester Street to Nun’s Walk at the A34 interchange to access Tufton and the countryside beyond. The interchange area is used by people driving, walking, riding a bicycle and on horseback.

There is a campaign page on the town website which links to a blog where letters and interactions with Hampshire County Council and our local MP Sir George Young are published. There is also an announcement of a public meeting on the issue.

A third resident has created a ‘liveable Whitchurch’ blog that includes an article about the potential dangers at the A34 interchange.

The campaign page is HERE. The Liveable Whitchurch blog article is HERE. The video is on YouTube HERE.

One of the proposals includes making T-junctions so people on Winchester Street to Nun's Walk are given priority.

A person drives a car from the A34 exit past Nun's Walk then under the A34 flyover.

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  • Penny Turner

    As a frequent user (car, horseback and pony cart) of this junction I quite like this scheme. However, vehicles turning left onto Tufton Road from A34 often stray onto the wrong side of the road, presenting a hazard for Eastbound Tufton Road Traffic, and this layout would make that problem worse. Also, might this not encourage more ‘lost’ traffic down the Tufton Road – especially HGV’s which would then get stuck.
    Definitely wouldn’t miss the ‘turn of death’ in the pony-cart, though…

  • Graham Burgess

    Key to solving this in the most cost effective way is to consider the vital factor of INCIDENCE.

    The frequency of traffic on the Tufton route is not great so why not have a traffic light that is initiated by traffic on the Tufton Route. Passage of any vehicle; car or horse and trap would trigger two lights.

    One as close as is safe to the A34 saying LIGHTS AHEAD SLOW DOWN and reduce speed limit.

    Then closer to the junction a red light is on.
    I do not the incidence of this frequency of stops will deleteriously affect traffic flow.
    Users of the Tufton turn off are regulars so the risk is less.


    Graham Burgess.

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