Plans for investigation into a potential Wind Farm on land to the south west of Whitchurch have been announced.
This could be one of the largest developments ever undertaken in the area, with its nearest point less than two miles from the Town Square.

Site of the proposed Wind Farm (Click to enlarge)

Up to 17 turbines
The Bullington Cross Wind Farm, proposed by EDF Energy, would comprise a maximum of 17 generating units in an area which is primarily agricultural, north of the A303, east of the A34, and south east of Tufton Warren. The turbines will be visible from many points within Whitchurch, and as far away as parts of Berkshire and Wiltshire.

Environmental Assessment
An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is one of the first stages in deciding whether the area is suitable for such development and a formal deposit of the Scoping Report which sets the parameters for an EIA has been lodged with the planners.

The site itself straddles three local authorities, with six of the wind turbines within the Basingstoke and Deane Borough, three in Test Valley and eight in the Winchester council area.

126.5 metres (414feet) high
The site would be capable of producing the annual electricity for 15,800 homes (34MW of power), The turbine hub would be approximately 80 metres (262ft) high with a 46.25 metre (152ft) blade, so total height would be 126.25 metres (414ft).

Once these preliminary assessments have been undertaken, EDF say that intention is to submit a planning application for the farm by the end of 2012 with an aim of construction in 2014. There will also be a number of public meetings for consultation.

Further information
The original of the area and copy of the Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Document are available for download from Basingstoke and Deane Planning Department, here: BDB/76274 Go to ‘Documents’.

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What are your thoughts?

Comments (3)

  • Graham Burgess

    I think the sooner we tune into the forces of nature free from oil, high atomic numbers in nuclear factories the better so long as it makes energy available at reasonable prices to folk generally.
    I am in support of wind turbines.

  • Windy Miller

    There’s enough hot air coming out of Whitchurch to keep them going for many a year!!

  • George Garton

    This must be stopped at all costs. I only walked this area on Monday this week, I cannot believe that anyone would want to destroy such a beautiful landscape. The facts are that wind generation is uneconomical, will cost more in carbon to build, run and maintain over its life span than it will save, so come on people lets bring this to a halt now.

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