Rec path smIt may be a small ‘sink hole’ and some may consider that to be over dramaticising it, but the previous works that had been carried out to the path adjacent to the Alliston Way Recreation ground have been causing more concern. It came to a head this weekend when a child fell and both injured themselves and damaged their clothing.

After Southern Water undertook out some drainage work several months ago, they filled in their trenches but the area began to subside. The Town Council requested they fix it, which to their credit Southern Water did quite quickly.

However it is sinking yet again and the Town Council has been asking Southern Water to remedy it as it is becoming dangerous both as a trip hazard and also a barrier to using the path by wheelchairs and buggies.

Today the Town Council placed protective netting around affected path.
They ask users to please bear with the inconvenience while more requests are made to Southern Water to make good their previous works.