Many will have been watching with various degrees of support, bewilderment or exasperation or maybe just plain indifference at the dealings that have been taking place in Westminster.

On these the Town Website ‘officially’ remains neutral as each day seems to bring something new – another twist, another resignation, another legal challenge or another change of direction.

Therese CoffeyAs a result of some of the turmoil, Whitchurch has its own little part in the story, albeit a tenuous one following the resignation of Amber Rudd, Minister for Works and Pensions.

This week her replacement was been announced.

Many will remember Therese Coffey.
At one time a Whitchurch Town Councillor Therese Coffey, now 47, moved up the Conservative Party ladder, and in 2010 was elected as the MP for Suffolk Coastal.
She now becomes the seventh Minister in this Government position in just three years.

She backed Remain in the EU Referendum.
Her voting record can be seen here:
THERESE COFFEY’s Voting Record

Yes, its just a very little Whitchurch connection – for those who like such things.