The stolen bike.

A bicycle was stolen sometime during the day on Thursday from the garden of premises in Winchester Street, Whitchurch.

The blue, black and white 21-speed Giant mountain bike was taken sometime between 7.45am and 3.10pm from a garden.

Giant are a well-respected make and the 14-year old owner is very keen to see it returned.

If anyone has seen the bike, please can they contact the website:


Cycle Security advice:
The vast majority of bike thefts are opportunist so bikes left for short periods outside shops or offices should be securely locked so they cannot just be hopped on and ridden away. Locking to an immovable object such as a cycle stand or a lamp post is preferred.

Bikes that are stolen from sheds or gardens are often ‘targeted’ and the thief may use more sophisticated means of removing the cycle such as bolt croppers, but even in the home bikes should be locked up.

Locks come in various types – cables, U-locks, chains – and it is advised you obtain the best you can. Cables/loop locks are often best for short stops, while more substantial locks are advised for longer stays.

Don’t forget to make sure both wheels and the frame are locked too, and any accessories such as pumps, or bags are removed.

Insurance is always a good idea and in many cases cycles are included within or can be added to household policies.


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