Roc-kus at the Parish Hall

A series of fun events on Saturday brought out the families for the Jubilee edition of Roc-kus – an annual music festival.

The event moved from Testbourne down into the centre of town this year – a section of London Street between the White Hart and Red House was shut to motor traffic so that several hundred people could roam freely between the variety of fun on offer. Originally called Twangfest, the event is now known as Roc-kus.


Children enjoyed the classic swing ride, bouncy castle and amusement atmosphere at the Red House. Families relaxed afterwards with delicious food – including a hog roast – and chatted under the shade of the trees in their hillside garden, even though the weather was a tad on the cool side for June.

Further along London Street was the main event: concerts in the Parish Hall. Every hour another band came on stage to thunderous applause of the gathered crowd. Just £5 got you in for a whole day’s worth of entertainment – if your ears could withstand it!

We Deny...posting this picture!


Local bands like The Gentry Underground and OkCorrel pumped out a stream of their original songs – the talent in Whitchurch is truly awesome! Other bands included Jumpstart, Ceasars Way, We Deny (a semi-naked promotion on London Street just before their show caused quite a comotion!), Eagleburner, KTS and The Fortunate.

Next door was the silent disco which saw young and old alike put on headphones so they could dance together to the same tune. It was quite the site for spectators who couldn’t hear the music to see people bopping around!


And down at the White Hart was a huge outdoor bar alongside the Roc-kus Open Mic stage. Several well known locals had a go at performing – and even some unknowns, including two children who had their début appearance at a public performance. The warm, enthusiastic response from the friendly crowd was an encouragement to everyone.

Some of the bands made a return appearance at further concerts in Whitchurch over the following days, first at Sunday’s pub race parties and then Monday’s Grindfest sk8fest party at Daniel Park.

The Roc-kus party continued on through the evening – long after the rain started to come down. Nothing though could wash away the memories of another fantastic musical event.

For info on the many bands see the Roc-kus website HERE. Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version….

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