The Sustainability Forum has heard how towns such as Whitchurch are able to become ‘plastic bag free’.

In an informative talk by Nick O’Brien at the Bell Inn, the group heard of the damage that can be caused to the environment by the enormous numbers of plastic bags distributed and the amount of waste produced. How often are you asked at a counter “Would you like a bag?” when out shopping with your own bag?

The group learned how other towns throughout the UK have addressed the issue and that many have now become ‘plastic bag free’ by cooperation between residents, retailers and other businesses.

A wide range of ideas and initiatives were discussed, ranging from reward points to competitions.
Nick was thanked for his interesting contribution which has got many thinking as to whether Whitchurch should follow this route, and it was agreed that further research should be undertaken.

Next month’s Sustainability event is on Thursday 23rd September at the White Hart and is an open networking gathering for those who work in the ‘green’ business, campaign on environmental issues or have an interest in sustainability.
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