Skip arrives at the Bell, with Jan and Paul McGarvey

Those who use the excellent pubs of the area will have noted that they often have a ‘theme’ and the Bell is no exception.

This week the Bell Street pub gained a new member of the family. Skip is an eight year old Dobermann, who arrived from a Rescue Centre in Sussex.

Visitors to the pub will have noticed that popular licensees Jan and Paul McGarvey have a love for such dogs and a Dobermann has often been part of the pub’s life. Skip is their 11th dog of this breed and became available when the owner left for Thailand and didn’t return.
When they received the call from the Rescue Centre near Bognor Regis that Skip was looking for a new home, they jumped at the chance.

Pop in and give him a pat, but don’t leave your crisps around!
Jan has also informed the town website that Skip‘s favourite ale is Seafarers – a link to another theme at the pub!

Beware if you are behind with your tax!
The Dobermann breed was originally developed by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in the 1800s. It was intended that the breed accompany him on his duties as a tax collector, for which he needed protection!
However, the breed is now known for its calmness, intelligence and loyalty.

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