A new business association in Whitchurch has moved a step closer following a meeting held at the White Hart Hotel.

With an aim of representing local enterprises of all sizes, there were a whole range of people present, from a book keeper and a B & B owner to a tree surgeon and a photographer.

Those gathered heard how local business focussed campaigning can range from making representations on such items as parking and property rates.
Ideas were shared on how a constituted business association could work to the benefit of Whitchurch as well as how it could work with other agencies. It was also good to learn of the support for the group’s creation from other organisations, including from the Whitchurch Town Council.

With successful businesses, the town can become a much more lively and prosperous community, and a well-run business association can do much to enhance that prospect.
This was a very encouraging turn out and several good contacts between businesses were also forged.

A further meeting is to be arranged which will cover the structure, set the firm aims, and determine a name for the group.
Details will be announced here and on the website: WHITCHURCH BUSINESS
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