Today has seen the completion of another decorative bollard adding a touch of fun to the ever more colourful street scene. The design outside the Town Hall is based on an idea to represent the importance of the office of Town Mayor to Whitchurch.

The artistic interpretation faces out into the Square, keeping an official eye on the town’s proceedings, while also acting as a guardian to the Town hall behind!

A design depicting the fun of being a Mayor! Click to enlarge.

The concept was presented to the Art Project by Jenny James, wife of ex-Mayor Cllr Hugh James who held the office in 2006/7. It was then worked into a design by the project’s designer before being presented to the full Town Council for final approval. It has been painted by local Whitchurch Arts member Steve Miller.

Several other designs are in the pipeline including from local businesses who are kindly contributing towards the project costs.

Meanwhile, in an exciting development, the project has been approached by a representative from another Hampshire village which may be wishing to run a similar community art endeavour, and to use the experiences developed in Whitchurch!
News travels fast and Whitchurch is being put on the map!