The historically linked meal in the Silk Mill on Friday 14th June led us into the weekend and the special enrichment provided by the open days at two local gardens, Ninesprings Nursery and Bere Mill.

On the Saturday local MP, Sir George Young, was asked if he would like to make a journey through our historic town via The Silk Mill to Bere Mill.

He was offered a choice between travelling in an old horse and trap owned by Penny Turner or by electric car owned by Robert Sharpe of Evergreen Consulting. There are far fewer different moving parts in the electric car so after trying the former the latter was chosen by Sir George.


He travelled quietly, quickly and efficiently to The Silk Mill where he was welcomed by the Mayor and his consort. Trustees of the mill were also on hand to greet him.

The Mayor and his consort then followed Sir George  in the trap, linking a historic vehicle with a historic role. All were then welcomed at Bere Mill by Rupert and Elizabeth Nabarro.

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