ARH20120930-1635-A55-29874 (Resized)Hundreds of people – children, parents and grandparents – packed into the big top at the primary school’s grounds on Sunday, 30 September 2012.

Happy’s Circus had come to town!

They were here to help raise funds for the Friends of Whitchurch Primary School (FOWPS) and the Whitchurch Festival‘s good causes. (photos and video below).


By all accounts, the event was a smashing success! (Pip the clown may disagree – he had a piece of paper stapled to his bottom by his dad, Happy! All in good fun Pip!)

There were crazy clowns, magical illusions, daring aerialists, and plenty of audience participation.

Outside, before and at intermission, there were stalls that sold candy, burgers, teas & coffees, and something a bit stronger for the parents – all staffed by volunteers who were helping to raise even more funds.

As an added bonus, students who had won a talent competition at the school performed at the start of the second set. All the acts were of a high calibre and received great applause. Performing were: Ava Datta (Bollywood Dance); Ryan Goodridge, Amy Long and Natalie Hawrylak (Comedy Dance); and Freyja Bates and Jody Varnell (Ballet).

The finale featured even more clowning around – the entire audience soaked it up by the bucket load! There wasn’t a dry eye in the place by the time clowns Happy and son Pip had finished their artistic creation (which seemed to make more of a mess than anything else!)

You can watch a short video of the show – including the local talent acts from the school – on YouTube HERE. Scroll down for photos & video.
Visit Happy’s Circus’ website by clicking HERE.

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