This year’s New Year’s Eve seemed to have special aura – one of friendliness, community support and a feeling that Whitchurch is a place where people accept each other and get together for the benefit of all.

The town came together

From the disco and family evening at the Social Club to the Okee Dokee karaoke to the Kings; from the laid back traditional chat in the Bell to the hog roast and Party at the White Hart; from the Country and Western Dance at Testbourne Hall to the Family Ceilidh at the GNC and on to the disco in the Red House, the town came together.

In the Square
As hundreds gathered in the Square just before midnight, the whole atmosphere was one of happiness that Whitchurch is made up of so many good things that will continue into 2012.

During the day the Town Hall clock had been specially calibrated by our mayor, Cllr Barry Jackman, to ensure all would go to plan – although there was no ‘plan’ as in Whitchurch things just happen!

The countdown
The landlord of the White Hart, Andy Moss, appeared on the balcony overlooking the crowd just before midnight. He checked the clock on the Town Hall and started the countdown 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – the crowd gets louder and louder as they join in – 6 – 5 – 4 – the noise rises higher and champagne bottles are shaken – 3 – 2 – 1 POP!
And a roar goes up from the crowd as people hug each other, shake hands and wish each other “Happy New Year!”

Happy New Year Whitchurch!

Video on YouTube of Events around the town:

Photos from various venues on New Year’s Eve around town (click on each to see larger version):

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  • kate muff

    Looks like Whitchurch was the place to be, as always, it’s a fantastic place to see in the new year, just a shame I had to work otherwise I’d have been down, happy new year people.xx

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