Creativity has always had a strong presence in the Whitchurch community, whether it be through visual, audio, or performance arts. Whitchurch Arts was formed in 2009 by a group of artistic enthusiasts as an umbrella to to support all areas of the creative spectrum.

This week, a special gathering was held with an aim of ensuring a strong and positive future.

These days, it is a lucky organisation that finds its members vying for the main positions, but Whitchurch Arts saw a contested vote for the all-important chairman position.
Presentations were made and ballot papers marked, and when the votes were counted it was Andrew Reeves-Hall who took the honours.

There is now a new vibrancy in looking to the future. Andrew has a wealth of enthusiasm in wishing to see Whitchurch Arts develop in an open, professional and artistic way. Eric Dunlop ably continues as the Treasurer and controller of pennies having held the post since the early days. Sue Rampton, well-known in local event circles, takes on the Vice Chair, while John Buckley returns for Publicity, and the Scribe’s role.
Other Committee seats are filled by Chris Stapleford, Jacqui Novis, Graham Burgess, Keith Pattison, Kevin Longstaff, and Cliff Crossley.

Future plans
Possible future activities include the re-invigoration of the Off-the-Walls Project which showcases artists’ work in various locations, as well as running workshops, trips and exhibitions. Andrew also called for consideration to be given to the Arts Award, previously presented to local luminaries Richard Adams and Peter Honri.

Next get-together
The next gathering is on Thursday March 14th, starting at 7.43pm in the White Hart Hotel.
Yes, that’s 7.43pm.

Evenings are informal with minimum of business to allow plenty of time to show works, share experiences, and present ideas. Why not pop along and maybe even bring something along to show?

Whitchurch Arts can be contacted through EMAIL


“The beginning is the most important part of the work”

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