The Mayor, Cllr Jackman with several others want to have the Torch Relay come back through town.

Our mayor, Cllr Barry Jackman, and mayoress Sandra Jackman, were out on The Square this past Saturday collecting signatures for the Torch Relay petition. The petition calls upon the Olympics organisers to bring the Torch Relay through towns along the B3400, including Whitchurch, when it is in the area next July.

By chance, a couple of people who witnessed the Torch come through in 1948 stopped to sign the petition so they and their grandchildren could see the Torch again in 2012 – A video is below. There was even a torchbearer who paused for a chat with the mayoress.

A Facebook group is open for people to show their support at: B3400TorchRelay

Many people have already signed the petition.


Our mayor also visited Testbourne school earlier in the week to talk with students there – and many added their names to the petition.

Together, there were over 350 more signatures added by these two events alone. The previous weekend, a campaigner collected over 100 signatures on the Town Hall forecourt.


Meanwhile, up at the Railway station, another page of signatures was handed over this morning, and a fresh sheet left. Completed petition forms have also been handed in from local business Daisydown Crafts.

Anyone can support the campaign – indeed people from neighbouring villages and towns are, including Newbury and Kingsclere, among others. Petition forms in several local shops and halls, including the Whitchurch Town Hall.

Campaigners in Overton have been especially busy – with nearly 800 signatures collected. Longparish is busy getting petitions signed too. Volunteers from Naomi House in Sutton Scotney who were in town for a fundraiser at the Gill Nethercott Centre also signed the petition.


In this video, Jean Hopkins of Andover tells her brief story of seeing the Torch in Hurstbourne Priors, where there was a hand-over point in the Relay…

The campaign site is
The Facebook group for you to join is B3400TorchRelay.
Another witness to the 1948 Torch Relay was interviewed on BBC Radio – see story HERE.
Petitions must be returned to the Whitchurch Town Hall before Christmas, so that they can be sent off to the Torch Relay organisers.

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