A well-attended display of the history of Whitchurch took place last week in the Parish Hall, arranged by the local Whitchurch History Society.

The first panel on entering the hall was a copy of newspaper cutting:


From the Hampshire Chronicle Friday October 9th 1987

Enthusiasm for Whitchurch Local History Society

It was standing room only for latecomers who attended a meeting called to discuss the formation of a Whitchurch Local History Society.

About 200 were present at the Parish Hall when Mr. Bill Boorman, presiding, outlined the objectives, which were to preserve the past history of the town and locality in perpetuity.

Maps, photographs and any old souvenirs are welcomed and a certain amount of old data has been acquired especially by Mr. Martin Smith and were on display along with a large exhibit by Mr. Jim Chard.

Mr. Boorman proposed and Mr. Chard seconded that a local history society be formed and it was unanimously approved.


Visitors were enthralled by the historic material on display.

Visitors were enthralled by the historic material the History Society had on display.

Thirty Years on…
Thirty years later, there was a steady stream of people attending this weekend’s exhibition in the Parish Hall, put together by today’s members of the History Society. Visitors were enthralled by the amount of material available, and spent hours pouring over the albums of old photographs, examining old maps and reading historic documents, while a projected display of early pictures brought back many memories.

For those interested in the town’s past, the History Society meets monthly in the Gill Nethercott Centre and organises a series of interesting talks on a variety of topics of local interest. These talks are open to visitors to attend.

Meanwhile there is also a very popular local Facebook Page – Whitchurch Nostalgia – which attracts many to share knowledge of the town’s heritage.
The event has also fostered some interest in an idea for a small museum in the town where historic material could be viewed, as well as suggestions for an online archive.