Don’t bin it, bring it!

This week is Recycle Week, and the theme this year in Hampshire is recycling small electricals.

Is it time to eject your CD player, old toasters, broken heaters?
If you have any unwanted small electrical items around at home, bring them down to the collection point at the Gill Nethercott Centre during Recycle Week, 18th – 22nd June 2012.

Many people do not know what to do with their broken or unwanted electrical goods and they either get piled up in cupboards or sheds, or sometimes thrown out with household rubbish.

Most portable electrical items can be accepted, with a few exceptions.

Hampshire County Council’s site says:

These events will accept any small portable electrical items with a plug or batteries that are easily carried by one person such as: kettles, toasters, irons or other kitchen appliances; hairdryers or hair care items; cameras; hi-fis, radios or MP3 players; lamps, heaters or electric blankets; DVD players, laptop computers or gaming consoles; electrical toys; mobile phones; small electrical DIY tools; or remote control handsets.

We are sorry but items such as televisions, monitors, batteries, light bulbs, or white goods cannot be accepted at bring events however.

Chance to win

There is also a chance to win some top electrical gadgets from Hampshire County Council’s partners WeeeCare. All reusable items will be sent to local charities and the rest will be recycled into new products!

Remember that these items can also be taken to any of the 26 Household Recycling Waste Recycling Centres around the County.

Further details at:

To check opening hours of the Gill Nethercott Centre call 01256 896270

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