The BDBC Cabinet Member for Planning, Donald Sherlock of Kingsclere, will be recommending to the Council’s Cabinet next Thursday that the allocation for new house building in Whitchurch over 15 years in the emerging Local Plan shall be increased from 350 dwellings to 550 dwellings, that is, an increase of 64%.

Specifically, instead of allowing the location of 200 dwellings in the later phases of the plan period to be decided locally through Neighbourhood Planning, the two remaining Category 1 sites in the SHLAA shall both be allocated for 200 homes each.

The two sites are:

  • the Borough Council’s own land behind The Knowlings (accessible by a proposed road across Daniel Park from Alliston Way) and
  • the site east of Winchester Road and south of Testbourne School (accessible directly from Winchester Road by removal of one house).

Whitchurch Councillor Keith Watts says:

“This number of additional houses cannot be justified by ‘bottom up’ planning for the needs of Whitchurch.  The proposal is for Whitchurch to accommodate some of the overspill from Basingstoke arising from the Council administration’s failure to plan adequately and early enough for development of land at Manydown west of Basingstoke.

“I will oppose this increase in the number of houses to be built on green fields in Whitchurch all the way to the Examination of the Local Plan in Public by a Planning Inspector, if that is necessary.”


More on this topic will be posted later

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  • Keith Coomber

    The roads and utilities infrastructure can only just cope with the existing population of Whitchurch. BDBC are adopting the usual response to this problem, just stick the housing required in Whitchurch.
    What about the area above the hospital (Park Pruett) which has empty buildings on it and a large open space, plus derelict industrial areas and derelict housing that is in Basingstoke just google derelict areas in basinstoke for more.

  • Angry Resident

    This shows what a total disregard Basingstoke & Deane, and in particular Donald Sherlock, have for both the people of Whitchurch (as they obviously don’t care about ruining our town by over populating it and taking away our green fields).

    They obviously feel that it is acceptable to take away people’s democratic right to an opinion!!

    Presumably this is also the same Donald Sherlock who lives in a lovely large manor house surrounded by beautiful open fields and countryside!!

    This is the time for ALL of the people of Whitchurch to get together and fight for the rejection of the extra number of houses and the right for us to have our say on future development back, and show that we care about our community.

  • nikki hack

    i will say no to the build whitchurch is lovely they should leave it alone

  • Samantha

    Sad that the local plan seems to be asking for extra homes. Eastleigh, Winchester, test valley, Whitchurch. Why does it have to be so many. Do we want to enjoy the land around the houses already there. What about reusing derelict factories, warehouses, old council buildings like halls, old churches, car washes. Why not use the places that have things already in use space wise…… Look at Barton Stacey selling off its MOD land without much knowledge. 13 acres in a very small village, with no facilities and road infrastructure to take this one. It bellies belief.

  • Keith Watts

    This recommendation was changed on Wednesday to go to a Cabinet meeting next Thursday, much too short a time for consultation.

    There is no rational justification for requiring an extra 200 homes to be built in Whitchurch in the next 15 years. The reason is to remove 200 homes from the plan for Bramley.

    The Decision will be made at the Council Cabinet meeting at 6.30pm on Thursday 28th February. I will be there but as the Councillor for Whitchurch I will be allowed to speak for only two (2) minutes.

    Residents who also want to speak should telephone 844844 on Monday, ask for Committee Services and say that you want to speak on Item 13 at the Cabinet Meeting on 28th February.

  • Penny Turner

    Gradually these lovely open spaces will disappear under sprawling new estates on one side and giant subsidy-mills on the other. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • Mick & Jackie Browne

    The removal of 200 homes from the plan for Bramley will clearly give Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Ranil Jayawardena a much more comfortable ride with his Bramley constituents and the successful argument for this removal was………?

    I imagine Basingstoke & Deane will now seek to fast track the development of the Knowlings Field despite verbal assurances to the contrary given to residents of Alliston Way only last year.

  • Deb Chowney

    Basingstoke & Deane have no regard for the lack of infra-structure, demands on schools, doctors and roads, policing, not to mention care for the elderly and provision for the very young. I worked for them many years back and only for a year, which was all I could stand! They had already identified then the problems with issues such as water supply, sewage, roads, schools and they still go ahead with little regard to their residents or the problems their lack of planning will cause in the future. I saw too many conversations away from the committee rooms to believe that these committees are fair and democratic to have any faith in the belief that they make decisions based on the best possible outcome.

    They believe that everywhere with a train station should have an increase in housing, so why not Bramley, but who can afford to use the trains or will be able to in 15 years! Beware residents just outside the town boundaries, as you will be pushed out of using services in towns such as Whitchurch and with the increase in population you will struggle to find schools for your children to attend. I saw the same issues in London, with boroughs pushing their developments to the edges of their own land and not addressing infra-structure, but pushing the issue onto others and we will have the same issues and very soon.

    Two minutes to speak on the behalf of a planning issue is ludicrous. Is it in someone’s interests on the Planning Committee to give us 200 more homes instead of Bramley? Bramley residents have far more access to a large town – being between Basingstoke and Reading and very close to the M4, so many others places of work / services. They have the ability to support a population economically more effectively; Whitchurch will struggle to maintain its identity and possibly it is the intention of the council to rip the heart from us and other towns in the borough.

  • Angry Man

    Wish I could actually talk directly to the people who made this decision so I will have to imagine it instead:

    Angry Man: So where are all the shops, school places, trains, doctors, road improvments, etc, etc going to come from?

    Basingstoke Council: if we build the houses these things will come.

    Angry Man: but we keep being told there is no money for these things? For example the local schools have had their budgets cuts.

    Baingstoke Council: it is has worked in Basingstoke.

    Angry Man: No it hasn’t and it hasn’t worked anywhere else I’ve seen . Have you talked to other branch of local and national government, enterprise agencies, bus companies, train companies, NHS, etc. about your plans?

    Basingstoke Council: Er…. No…. Not Yet….. *panic*

    Angry Man: *Sigh*

    Best Regards,
    Angry Man

  • Keith Watts

    Mr Angry, you can talk directly to the people concerned, for two minutes, if you turn up at the Civic Office in Basingstoke in good time before the meeting at 6.30 p.m. next Thursday. Book your two minute slot by phoning 844844 tomorrow, ask for Committee Services and say that you want to speak on item 13 of the cabinet meeting.
    I need as much support as I can get!

  • Keith Watts

    Deb, you can’t blame a “Planning Committee”, such democracy was abolished by the last government. The recommendation has been changed by one man, the Cabinet Member for Planning, who will be presenting it to his colleagues, the one party Cabinet, whose Leader comes from East Woodhay and Deputy Leader comes from Bramley.

    I warned about this before I was elected, see my web page.

  • climo

    What ever did you think you would get from a tory led local council? Fairness? Open government? Surely no one in their right mind would believe that.
    What you get is duplicity & corruption.
    Leopards do not change their spots.

  • Keith Watts

    This subject will be dicussed this evening (Monday 25th) at the Town Council Development Committee, 7.30 in the Town Hall.

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