Speedwatch SID smThe first report from the Whitchurch Speedwatch Scheme shows that 57 drivers were recorded as breaking the speed limit over just four one hour sessions.

Speed monitoring sites were set up on Winchester Road, Church Street, Newbury Hill and Lynch Hill Park. The report states that one in ten drivers were travelling at or above the recordable speed of 34mph. in the one 20mph site monitored one in seven had been exceeding 30mph.

Further SpeedWatch exercises are also being arranged at other sites.

57 drivers reported
Details of the 57 offenders have been passed to the Police who say that 14 are “first time offenders” from which must be assumed that 43 had been reported for speeding previously.

Volunteers sought
Should anyone wish to volunteer they can contact the Speedwatch coordinator through Whitchurch Town Hall – call 01256 892107 who will pass on details.
The Scheme is managed by the local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The police say:

Community SpeedWatch is an educational scheme, not enforcement. It is considered as the first tier response to speeding issues.
They add
If a problem persists, it can be escalated to tier two, meaning that enforcement can be undertaken by the Neighbourhood Policing Teams.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team can be contacted on 101 or via email: