All you need is a spade or trowel and a little bit of energy, as a request has gone out for willing helpers to assist in making Whitchurch a brighter place to visit.

A chance to help
The Town Council has funded 5000 snowdrops to plant and have now put a call out for volunteers to take part in what will be the second Diamond Jubilee event of the year (the first was the planting of the Oak Tree at Daniel Park.
Just turn up at the Winchester Road allotments by the Millennium Green at 10.00am this Saturday or Sunday (14th/15th April) with your trowel.

An annual reminder
The snowdrops are to be planted in the grassed verges either side of Winchester Road and it is hoped they will provide a wonderful annual reminder of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee for years to come.

Symbol of hope
Snowdrops can be seen each year growing naturally along many of Hampshire’s roadsides and verges, usually flowering between January and April. They are a symbol of hope and herald the start of spring.

There is an old proverb that says:

“The Snowdrop, in purest white array, First rears her head on Candlemas day.”

And for those who like ‘interesting’ facts the snowdrop apparently contains its own anti-freeze. During the First World War they were harvested for the production of anti-freeze for military tanks. Today they are known as a source of galantamin, which is said to slow down Alzheimer’s disease.

But, as they say, “whatever…”

They will make a wonderful display each year for anyone entering Whitchurch in the early spring.

10.00am on Saturday and/or Sunday 14th/15th April at Winchester Road allotments.

If bringing children, note they need to be carefully supervised due to the road.

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