After nearly a year’s wait, Whitchurch is to at last have a 24-hour ATM.

Work has started at Tesco’s store in Winchester Street to install the machine.

If all goes to plan it is expected to be operation on the afternoon of Thursday 16th August

Work has commenced on a new 24-hour Cashpoint.

Nearly a year has passed, only a few more days now.
The town has been without an external cashpoint since HSBC, who were claiming to be a ‘local bank’ decided to remove the machine at the Town Hall, when their lease expired last September.
Since then anyone requiring cash had to use the machines inside the Coop, Tesco’s or Burnaby’s, but these were only accessible during shop opening hours. Some of the town’s pubs also stepped in to give cash, but again times were restricted.
This new machine will be a much welcomed facility for the town.

Car use discouraged
A condition of the planning permission includes a requirement for ’secure cycle parking facilities’ in order to “discourage the use of private car wherever possible”.

Galvanised steel bollards are also to be installed around the cash machine, and there have been suggestions that they are incorporated into the town’s Community Art bollards project, to help add more colour and interest.

There will also be one less parking space than at present, and the provision of a disabled bay.

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