20 mph Church StreetThe 20mph pilot scheme in Whitchurch has been raising a number of questions, with much discussion on the town’s social media pages.

The town website has been collating these and intends approaching the relevant authorities for responses.

It would like to ask local residents if there are any further questions which should be added.

If so please send them to:

We will then endeavour to obtain answers and put them into an FAQ.



• Who decided to introduce 20mph limits in Whitchurch?

• Why wasn’t I consulted?

• Why are some areas excluded?

a) at the Lynch Hill Park / Hillside drooped kerb footpath crossing?
b) the bend by All Hallows?
c) at Berehill around Oaktree Nursery?
d) the southern half of Wells Lane and Park View?
e) Bloswood Lane and housing areas off?

• Can the scheme be extended to include roads presently excluded?

• How can roads be removed from the area?

• Why isn’t it just at the schools?

• Why are on-road roundels placed in some short cul-de-sacs?

• Why are the roundels so obtrusive?

• Does the limit apply to all vehicles?

• Do bicycles have to comply with speed limits?

• How will scheme be enforced?

• What are the penalties for failing to comply with the limit?

• How can I report inappropriate speed in 20mph speed limit areas?

• How has the scheme been funded?

• How much has it cost to implement the scheme?

• Will there be a vote to make the scheme permanent, or to remove it?

• How will its effect be measured?


Please send to: