20mph sign 1 smAt the last full meeting of the Whitchurch Town Council it was reported that a petition regarding the town’s 20mph scheme had been received.

The Petition:

The petitioners stated:

“We, the undersigned have signed this form to state that we ARE NOT happy regarding the 20mph speed restriction in Whitchurch, Hampshire and DO NOT wish for this to become permanent in the town”.

Cllr Andy Klemz proposed that the Council
‘note the petition on the understanding that Hampshire County Council will be formally reviewing the pilot scheme and that due process should continue in the meantime’.
This was seconded by Cllr Andy Jordan and passed.

The County Council have stated that the scheme will be assessed through speed monitoring and consultations.

Further Pilot schemes requested
There have been requests for additional 20mph locations throughout the County to have slower speeds and three new pilot schemes have been added to the programme.

All schemes are to be assessed at the same time, which is now likely to be next year.