Work towards a 20mph pilot scheme in Whitchurch has been progressing as results from the public questionnaires are being analysed from the ten areas in Hampshire under consideration by the County Council.

Residents show support
Although the official figures have yet to be formally released, it is understood that Whitchurch gained a near 30% response rate with 66% of residents in support of the scheme.

Community SpeedWatch
In addition a high number of volunteers have expressed interest in supporting a Community SpeedWatch Scheme to assist with enforcement.
Evidence of community involvement was a necessary requirement.

Traffic Orders
The next stage is to commence the formal consultation process for the required Traffic Orders which will lead to the scheme being implemented in the autumn.

Benefits for everyone
The results have pleased the local campaigners who thank all those who have recognised the benefits that 20mph area wide schemes can provide, particularly with regard to improvements to the environment. Local resident John Buckley who ran some of the campaign events said:

“Such schemes are about making our communities much more pleasant places to live; where people can walk, cycle and travel safely, where local trade and businesses are supported, and where children can once again go out to play.”

Countrywide support grows
Support for 20mph as the default in residential and urban areas is growing throughout the country with now over 11million people living in areas that have adopted or are adopting the policy. Whitchurch Town Council supported the pilot and Hampshire County Councillor Tom Thacker presented it to the County. The Town Council’s support has now been backed up by the results of the HCC survey.


Note that the full officailly confirmed figures will follow later.

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  • Martin Watson

    20% of the residents in favour, 10% against. 70% did not vote. Not very convincing.

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