Improvements to the Whitchurch living environment have moved a step closer say supporters of the 20mph initiative, to be piloted in Whitchurch.
The trial, supported by the Town Council and taken forward by Hampshire County Councillor Tom Thacker has been announced, with detailed information soon to be available.

Questionnaires are to go out to all residents within the area to canvass their views.

Meanwhile a meeting has been arranged to encourage support for the scheme, to be held in the Town Hall on Wednesday October 10th (see HERE).
As well as looking at the benefits the aim will be to create a core group of people interested in taking it forward.
Anyone who wishes to help in making Whitchurch become a safer more pleasant place to live and work can also contact the WHITCHURCH 20mph for further details.

Many towns and villages throughout the UK are realising the changes this small step can make to their environment, as it can encourage more walking, cycling and considerate driving, which benefits everyone.
As well as reducing the risk of injury if a collision does occur* it helps traffic flow, and makes journeys easier however they are made.


*Living Streets the charity that represents pedestrians say:

Reducing traffic speeds on our streets is the single biggest measure that will make them safer, more vibrant and social places.

A 20 mph speed limit can:

  • Increase road safety, by reducing the risk and severity of collisions
  • Get more people walking, and create more social streets
  • Cut pollution from exhaust fumes
  • Smooth traffic-flow, by reducing stop-start driving
  • Reduce traffic noise.

Implementing a 20 mph speed limit can be done without the use of costly and complex traffic calming measures.

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