2018 – Anniversary of the end of the Great War

Poppy FlowersmWith next year being the 100th Anniversary of the end of the Great War, thoughts have been turning to how Whitchurch could mark the occasion while at the same time recognising the sacrifices others have made for our freedoms.
The town has an abundance of stories, people and experiences that can be recognised.

The matter has been raised within the Town Council and ideas suggested, but time has a tendency to move on quickly so the earlier planning takes place the better.

A preliminary meeting is to be arranged for anyone who wishes to contribute ideas.

For further details please contact the Whitchurch Town Hall.
Alternatively send an email to: WHITCHURCH 1918–2018

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  • Graham Burgess

    You may or may not have ever brought Old Things to the local historic gatherings at The Bell after 9.15pm every Wednesday but you mayhave some objects tucked away at home that coud be part of a display in Nov 2018 re WW1.

    If you have and want to share make contact graham@gyrdan.demon.co.uk

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