At the last Town Council meeting, Councillors heard how Whitchurch has been been allocated £150,000 towards highway improvements. These need to be started within the next six months.

Funds now available
Hampshire Council Highway’s Engineer Simon Found explained that the funds had become available from developer contributions and he ran through a list of possible improvements.
His informative presentation included many ideas including the installation of a number of drop kerbs and tactile paving at crossing points, repairs to some verges, and some surface improvements.

Zebra crossings could be resurfaced.

Easier and safer access
There was an emphasis on providing easier and safer access for crossing roads with mobility scooters and buggies as well as a tidying up. Other suggestions included the installation of dragon’s teeth to prevent parking on verges, and restoration of the zebra crossings. Grasscrete, was also suggested for parking near the Weir.

Alternative ideas
The HCC suggestions had come from a list of possible improvements collated around five years ago, and which had been given a lower priority at the time. However it was stated that changes could be made and that it was up to the Town Council to present any alternatives should they wish.
Councillors discussed the ideas at length adding in a number of other examples where improvements could be made and Simon said he would make a note of them.
There was also discussion as to whether ideas from the public could be submitted as the original proposals were so long ago.


What would you suggest?
The town website would be very interested in learning what local residents feel would be best for the town.
Please comment below or send to:

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  • Mike Stead

    Let’s spend that £150,000 on a lasting legacy for the town – widening the footpaths along London Road, from the Square down to Test Road. These footpaths are only shoulder-width in many places, and recently a woman was struck on the head and knocked down by the wing mirror of a passing van, there is so little room. Buses, HGV’s and cars all drive at up to 30MPH just inches from children, parents with prams, people in mobility scooters etc. On rubbish collection days, or if someone’s parked inconsiderately the footpath can be effectively blocked.

    Spending it on the actual road surface will be money down the drain, as it will need more money next year, and the year after. Let’s spend it once, and make the town a safer, nicer place to live.


  • Harriet Titcomb

    Would it be possible for the website to publish the proposals? This would be a good starting point, thanks.


    Edit: It is understood that detailed proposals were left with the Town Council.

  • *****

    They must have spent near on that amount on the pictured zebra crossing in the last year! It still looks a mess and is unstable to cross. I agree that the footpaths need to be improved for the safety of all in Whitchurch.

  • climo

    Don’t spend the money on road improvements which benefit only car drivers.
    Towns are for people so lets reclaim the streets for pedestrians.

  • Angry Man

    Lets have zebra crossing across all 4 roads meeting at Town Square rather than only the 2 we have at the moment.

  • Virginia

    I agree with Mike about widening pavements. Could we go one step further and pedestrianise one of the roads? So instead of having 5 roads (essentially) coming into the centre, have 4 roads. Bit radical I know! Also please can I request better provision for cyclists? For example designated cycle routes for getting to and from school.


  • alan cook

    a FREE central main car park. double yellow lines on all major routes though town.

  • Harriet

    Some years ago, the idea of making Bell Street a one way street only was discussed. The traffic would be allowed to go from the roundabout up Bell St not come down too.

    Not sure if this idea was aired ?

    Double yellow lines everywhere is too radical, think of the shops and their business. Not to mention those who do not have off street parking

  • lyn fuoco

    Pinch points at the top of Newbury hill to slow traffic coming into the town please, I watch traffic coming in to town at speeds of 45/50 miles per hour on a daily basis, and faster on many occasions.

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