‘The only significant benefit would be to the developer and the landowner’ – say Keep Hampshire Green, a campaign group that opposes the green energy proposals at nearby Bullington.

They are holding a meeting in the Parish Hall at 7pm

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Date: December 10, 2012 at 12:00 am

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  • Mike Stead

    What about a meeting for people who recognise global warming is real, that the UK is woefully reliant on foreign oil & gas from dodgy regimes and our own reserves are basically gone, and that wind turbines look pretty?

  • Andrew Smith

    Better go to the meeting, Mike. Let’s hear all the arguments!

  • Mike Stead

    I can only imagine the mindset of those who will attend this, and I don’t think rational debate on the social, environmental or fiscal independence aspects of wind vs. nuclear/coal/gas will get you anywhere. So long as they can walk their dogs over uncluttered fields whilst humming Jerusalem, eh?

    Let’s remember, it’s something like less than 1% of scientists disagree that climate change is man made (and they are probably funded by fossil fuel extraction industries). Just because there’s a contrary view doesn’t mean it holds much more scientific weight than an Elvis sighting.

  • Penny Turner

    More energy is used to build these things than can be generated during their lifetime – how can this be ‘green’? Dodgy science and dodgy economics. Cheaper to use taxpayers money to put free solar panels on every roof in Whitchurch, and much, much more effective.

  • Penny

    Mike, as a proponent of something that will affect the environment of everyone in Whitchurch do you not feel a desire to win hearts and minds, as it were? Imagining and/or prejudging the points of view of other people who may or may not disagree with you is not a good way of doing this and materially reduces your chances of convincing the undecided. (Incidentally, there may only be 1% of scientists who actively disagree with the human causation of global warming, but there are a very large number who agree that there isn’t enough data to be arrogantly absolutist either way…)

  • Claire Isbester

    I don’t think Penny has the right information about energy payback from wind turbines. According to the German study by Gerd Hagedorn, wind turbines produce 4 to 33 times more energy during their expected 20-year lifetimes than that used in their construction. Current photovoltaic technology produces 1-3 times the energy represented by their materials. When fuel is included, coal and nuclear plants deliver only one-third of the total energy used in their construction and in their fuel supply because fuel consumption dwarfs the amount of energy in the plant’s materials. Other data may be available!

    I got this info from http://www.wind-works.org/articles/EnergyBalanceofWindTurbines.html It has a lot more data from comparative studies and I thought it was very readable.

    This in the spirit of winning hearts and minds, about which Penny is quite right, and offering some hard information about the science. Hope it helps.

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