Head2Head Theatre Group visits Whitchurch Library presenting ‘An Alien Adventure’ a lively children’s show, involving lots of audience participation.

Little Zoggie, a space pirate, visits the Magic Library to ‘take’ a story – books no longer exist on his planet. Using role play, the storyteller takes Little Zoggie & the children into a ‘story’ then leaves them to their own devices as shipwrecked sailors. Using books & their imagination the children continue the adventure to find hidden treasure & create a magical way home.

The plot evolves through interlinking storylines as children read, count or describe pictures from pre-selected books. Several books from a variety of genres are available to encourage children not to be too prescriptive in their selection of reading material.
It is hoped this will encourage future ‘select & read’ activities.

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Date: November 2, 2010 at 12:00 am