Testbourne Community School
Longmeadow Sports Trust
Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council


Public Meeting
Wednesday 16th May 2012
7.00pm Theatre Hall, Testbourne Community School


‘We’ are representatives from the Longmeadow Sports Trust, Testbourne Community School and the Borough Council, who have met recently to discuss sporting provision in our area – what exists already and possibilities for the future.

We would like to work together with the local community to create better sports facilities for all to use. We know that there are exciting opportunities which could be available as a result of creative and purposeful collaboration. To get the ball rolling we would like to invite you to a Public Meeting on Wednesday 16th May.

If you have an interest in improving sporting facilities in Whitchurch please do come along to share your views and join with us to see what we can do to make things better. Please let us know if you are hoping to attend – email or telephone – so we can make seating arrangements and please do pass this on to anyone you think may also have an interest.

We look forward to seeing you.

PRESENTATIONS FROM representatives of Testbourne School, Longmeadow Sports Trust and Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council, will be followed by discussion and sharing of ideas.

The questions being posed are:

  • What facilities do we have now?
  • What does Whitchurch need?
  • What would we like?
  • What opportunities and funding are available
  • How can we work together to improve sporting facilities in the Whitchurch area?


Event Details

Date: May 7, 2012 at 12:00 am

Comments (2)

  • Eric Dunlop

    Paul, I will be away on holiday and will miss this meeting. My plan/ idea for the future of Whitchurch has been published on the Town Web site.
    Ed. note: that plan/idea article is HERE.

  • Rob Ronan

    I won’t be able to attend tonight, but I do have a suggestion – some outdoor fitness equipment placed in the parks/open spaces around town.
    These come in all styles, so some wooden ones for the meadow would blend in better than the metal type, but the metal type would look fine next to the skate park for example. There are plenty of suppliers of this type of equipment, but we have recently been in Southsea and they have a very impressive set that was supplied by a company called – Denfit and the equipment was called Fitpoint.

    Fresh-air fitness is another company that supply this sort of equipment as well as a company called Wickstead. I’m not affiliated to any of these companies, just purely putting their names so people can go off and “google” them in case they do not understand what is meant by “outdoor fitness equipment”

    These would be great if they were spread around the town as people could then jog or cycle between them as part of an overall work out.

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