You are invited to a special meal at The Whitchurch Silk Mill June 14th 2013.

It is a very lucky date in the Chinese calendar.

The Chinese Emperor Shen Nung will explain how he discovered the first cup of Tcha. Then the Empress will show you how she discovered Silk after a cocoon of a silk moth fell from a white mulberry tree into her cup of Tcha. All dressed in genuine Chinese attire from Andover Musical Theatre Company and thanks to Denyse Coles

Then Watercress Soup made from watercress supplied by Vitacress, another business depending on the flow of the pure water in this area. Whitchurch has a long history of watercress growing and the underlying force is water. Perhaps the oldest watercress beds in Britain are here. It is one of the most healing plants on Earth.

Close by in the river trout swim and you will be next served with delectable Rainbow Trout. There is another Chinese  connection  Ancient Fish Farming. The artificial propagation of fish was established by the ancient Chinese who collected fish eggs by placing mats in streams or ponds and allowing the fish to spawn on them. The mats with the fertilised eggs were then removed and sold for use in ponds and flooded rice fields. Most of the fish eaten on earth now is raised artificially in China. We are going with the flow.

A dry white wine will help us savour the various tasty foods.

After a lovely fruity sweet we hope your taste buds will be ready for a special tea tasting. Mike Gale of Twinings will make a presentation showing the history of tea and we will taste a tea deemed by the Chinese to be The King of Black Teas, Keemun. Rich, smooth, velvety tasting and lightly scented; a clear golden syrup colour and a soft nutty aroma and subtle peppery undertone.

Soup; Trout; Vegetables and Salad; Wine; Sweet and very Special Tea all for £15 per head.

Booking essential 0125689 2837

Gathering 7.30pm for 7.45 start.

We have chosen a

Propitious date in the

Chinese Calendar

Event Details

Date: May 27, 2013 at 12:00 am

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