Should Buildings be knocked down without any planning permission or consultation?

A Public meeting has been called following Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council deciding not to make an order to prevent the demolition of the Harvest Home, prior to any planning application being submitted.

They have responded that they will not halt the demolition of the Harvest Home as “the building is of limited heritage value”. This is despite it being listed as a ‘Building of Local Interest’. They fear a compensation claim should they do so.

Growing concern…
There is much growing concern that local buildings in Whitchurch can be demolished without the need for any planning permission that takes into account the history or character, so important to a community. A developer can simply send in the bulldozers.

Urged to attend…
All who care about the character of Whitchurch are urged to attend to see what protection the Planning system is able to provide for the town’s heritage.
Those who make the decisions have kindly agreed to be present.

This is not just about a pub – it is about the whole character of our town!

See the story HERE.

For info:
Details of the Harvest Home ‘campaign’ can be found HERE.

Event Details

Date: June 9, 2011 at 12:00 am