Helen and Livvy, two 13-year olds, are running, swimming and cycling a total of 20km over the weekend in aid of Cancer Research.
On Saturday 3rd, they will run 5km in and around Whitchurch, before going to Abbotts Ann to swim a further 5km.
The next day they will cycle 10km.

The two girls had planned to undertake their challenge in June but unforeseen circumstances caused a postponement to this weekend.

For the original announcement and for further details see the story HERE

You can support Helen and Livvy by going to: LIVVY and HELEN’s JUST GIVING PAGEMORE INFORMATION:
If you would like any more information about The 20K, or have any questions, then please email LIVVY.
Note: The email goes direct to Livvy, not to this website.

Event Details

Date: August 27, 2011 at 12:00 am