The route from Andover through Whitchurch to Basingstoke, is just made for a hop-on-hop-off day out, and how better to combine it with visiting some of the many traditional pubs along the route.

Based on using the Stagecoach Gold Dayrider ticket, the day out starts with a breakfast in Whitchurch before catching the 76 to Andover.
(of course the same ticket can get you to Whitchurch too if you live elsewhere, or you can go straight to Andover).

From Andover it will then visit a number of pubs back along the 76 and 86 bus routes, including stops in Hurstbourne, Whitchurch, Sutton Scotney, Overton, Oakley and Worting, all using the same runabout fare.
The evening bus can be used to get back home on the same ticket.

This is a route that really puts Whitchurch on the map!

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Date: January 8, 2013 at 12:00 am

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